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This 100% Wagyu bull was bred by Stonyrun Farms. His registered name is Stonyrun Ichiro.
He is the foundation of our breeding program and
has a pedigree that makes him one of the
most genetically superior, Wagyu bulls in the world.

A Distinctive Bloodline

Stonyrun Wagyu:


 Most Wagyu beef is imported from Japan. These cattle are so highly prized that Japan has declared them a national treasure, and no longer permits the export of Wagyu from the country as live cattle. Fortunately, in the 1990s, prior to this declaration, nearly 200 head of Wagyu cattle were imported to the U.S.

A fifth-generation family enterprise, Stonyrun Farms has a long history of breeding and marketing elite livestock genetics in the international marketplace. In the early 2000s, we put our extensive knowledge, experience and connections into action and invested in the most elite genetics bred from the small number of Wagyu cattle imported to the United States. The original Wagyu cattle we purchased at that time formed the foundation of the breeding program that today is bringing Wagyu beef to U.S. consumers.

The beef raised by Stonyrun Farms
can trace its ancestry
directly to the original Japanese herd.  

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