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With its rich flavor, 
delicate texture and superior health advantages, Wagyu 
is truly the elite beef.

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The Meat Behind The Kobe Legend.

Many people are familiar with Kobe beef, the decadent beef known for its incredible taste. What is not as well known is that Kobe beef actually comes from the Wagyu breed. The Kobe name derives from the region of Japan where the cattle are raised. By whatever name it is known, Wagyu beef is the pinnacle of taste and tenderness in the world of fine dining.


While most Wagyu beef is imported from Japan, there are a select few breeders of Wagyu cattle in the United States. Stonyrun Farms is one of them. We are a leader in the U.S. Wagyu beef market, and a preferred East Coast source for this distinctive delicacy.

Stonyrun is a rare, local source
for restaurants, grocers and consumers
who desire the finest, Wagyu beef.  

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